Hickory Ragdolls


All of our kittens are quite special to us. They are raised in our home with three kids, four dogs, and several older ragoll cats. There's not much they haven't been exposed to in our home. They are very brave and unafraid and thus are sold as indoor pets only for their safety. They would not fare well outdoors due to their laid-back nature.

We are dedicated to placing our kittens in loving homes that are devoted to taking care of them as we would for their entire lifetime. If at any point you cannot care for your Ragdoll we will make every effort to help you find another special home for your cat. Please do not abandon or place your Ragdoll kitten or cat in a shelter without first contacting us.


If you would like information about our available kittens, please call or email.

Telephone: (757) 651-2059 ~ Email: drjerilyn@gmail.com



Please contact us for prices. 

Deposits for our kittens are $100.00 and are non-refundable

Upon pickup, please don't forget to bring a carrier with you.

Payment must be made in full day of pickup